Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lucky at the Library!!!!!

Today marked the start of the bi-annual Cherry Hill Friends of the Library Book Sale. I always score big at this sale which is the best in our area but today I did especially well! I bought 17 books and 1CD (The Carpenters Christmas) for $21.00. Included in my stash are travel, cooking, kid's, novels, and self-enrichment just to name a few.

I love books and I'm happy to contribute to a great cause!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Nowhere or Bust

Our first inside cabin . It was more than adequate for a 2-night cruise. I liked the layout which was more of a square than the other rooms we've had.

Another shot of the room. I think this one had more storage than some of our larger rooms.

This is the adults-only Serenity Lounge area. A very nice spot when the weather is mild!

This is the hot tub which is located in the gym. We spent quite a bit of time in here even during sail-away. There's a skylight above it so we had a view of the bridge as we sailed underneath.

The 2 times I've had sushi have been on this ship. I am good at stabbing shrimp with the chopsticks. Not so good at eating rice.

Passing the time waiting for our breakfast. Long story about that!

Where's my coffee?

This is it-"Simply Serenity"-a view of the ocean, a good book and 2,300 other guests.
I had the extreme good fortune to be reading the new posts on Cruise Critic when I came across some info about a "Cruise to Nowhere" sailing from Baltimore on Friday, Nov. 2-Sun. Nov. 4. So after some deliberation and and a couple of phone calls, we booked our weekend get-away on Tues. and sailed on Friday. Talk about a spur of the moment decision! We sailed on Carnival Pride previously last December so it wasn't necessary to take a bunch of pictures so I posted some of my favorite spots around the ship.
I've decided to catch up a little on all the good things that have happened this year. We've done so many fun things amidst all the turmoil that is going on in my life and I need to focus on those times. These memories won't be in order by date but are important no matter when they happened.

I'll start with 3rd Scott's birthday weekend which we spent at the Red Caboose Motel, Strasburg Railroad and a couple of other spots. Scott had the best time and so did we.

Trying out the bunk bed with a view

Dinner at Isaac's complete with train decor

Fun on the playground

Breakfast in the dining car